Mooby Dooby Doo

Before I even start with this, I want every reader to know, that confidence is everything. Though this blog is about fitness, I will promote fitness at the cost of bodyshaming. I’ve come across hundreds of people, out there, kicking ass, as confident as Bolt before a race. So, gynecomastia. A complex looking scientific word,…

Love Handling

Love Handles. If two cute little words could inflict pain, here it is. Love Handles are the chunks of fat lying at the sides and the back of your waistline. How to know if you have it or not? Simple. Lift your shirt up, take a good grab around your waistline? Yes, that cute chunk….

Meal Is the Deal

Throughout my entire journey in this world, I have come across many people and their fitness related queries. Mostly, people ask me ‘How to get into shape’. Be it muscle building, be it fat burning, be it strength training, be it weight loss, these journeys emerge from the kitchen itself. There is is ongoing quote…


Jawline. The facial feature that serves as an aesthetic standard for both men and women. In this generation, people have this allurement towards a sharp jawline. A chiseled jawline is like a prop which can boost your confidence. However, while people who are slim have it easily, people with a good amount of bulk have…


Dietary fats have a very bad reputation in the world of nutrition. It is  a common belief that having fat makes you fat. I’m gonna quickly run through why you should be including fats in your diet. 1. Displacing total intake to carbs intake- When you look at the macronutrient percentages of your diet, everything…

C for carbs, C for culprits

People often feel that having ‘fat’ makes you fat. Carbohydrates are the real culprits. Before we get into the perspicacity of carbs, let me tell you- the carbohydrates which the body is not able to burn. Now, carbohydrates can be divided into 3 categories. Simple carbohydrates  – The main source of fat under the bodies….

All about changes

Before I even start, I would like to begin with the fact that fitness has no definition. Fitness as we call it, can be anything. Taking those 20 extra stairs instead of the lift, that brisk walk ba… Source: All about changes