Fitness and Rationality

Running through the first few pages hurriedly through the Times of India just to find an article by Jug Suraiya has become an addiction I’ve welcomed in 2018. The article don’t shake hands  with you, they grab you by your neck. Simple everyday stories which you can relate to. He wrote a very interesting article which I loved and that motivates me to write for people who lack motivation (motiception lol).

The article is named “Shock Therapy” and goes like this-

Private Hospitals in India are a major sick industry. Not a sick industry in that they don’t make money. On the contrary, they make pots and pots of money. They’re a sick industry in that the money they make is premised on you and I falling sick.

And the amount of money they make from us is humongous. According to reports, standard medical supplies- like syringes, bandages- are priced at 1,117 times of what they actually cost.

There have been cases of patients who are in coma, and on a drip feed, who’ve been billed thousands of rupees by hospitals for visit by dieticians. Private hospitals have been fleecing so much money off their patients that the government has cracked down on a couple of them and revoked their licences. This is not a good move because it sends out a message to such establishments that they can no longer charge whatever they like for their services. This would be counterproductive for public health. It’s common knowledge that even the most basic healthcare is almost impossible to find in the country, even in the cities, forget the rural areas.

Conditions is the government-run hospitals and clinics are so appalling- with rats and other vermin far outnumbering patients- that no on but the most desperate will use them.

That leaves private hospitals and nursing and nursing homes which have mushroomed all over the place. And it’s a good thing that they have, because they provide by far the best healthcare system in the country. And the way they do it is by charging the public horrendous prices for the services they provide. These ruinously high prices act as an effective deterrent to indulgent life styles – like eating the wrong foods, and smoking and drinking – which are the root cause of many if not most ailments.

So, in order to avoid bankrupting themselves by going to a hospital, people join gyms, or take up yoga, or go jogging to keep fit and healthy.

Because they know that if they do have to go to a hospital, if they don’t pop it from their ailment, they will when they get the shock of seeing their bill.

This is the harsh reality. While the liberals celebrate the Supreme Court’s verdict of lifting the compulsion to play the National Anthem in movie theatres. Quite a step to keep jingoism at bay. The Supreme Court also recognised the fact that a consensual relationship and sex between two human beings should not bother anyone. Sexual Orientation in part of the Right To Privacy. What a bonanza to start the new year with.

Coming to the sad part, a lot of resolutions go down the drain every year and a majority of them are fitness goals. We do start with a lot of vigour but somehow we part ways.

The first step is to convince yourself that it fine to leave. The world shall accept me as I am. You’re bound to hit this plateau once you start with something. But think of your achievements so far. And by achievement, I mean anything and everything. You made some smile today? Even that is precious considering how the world is in dire need of more laughter. What if you didn’t achieve them? The world would accept you anyway.

I have been associated with this way of life for 18 years now. I started swimming when I was 3(oops you know my age now). Exercising is not just physical, I can assure you. It is more mental than physical. The pain, sorrow, joy, anguish, jealousy(yes even that) has been an essential part of my life.
I’ll start listing the probable reasons as to why you started exercising-


1) You want to transform– You’re tired of seeing those tyres below your chest, or that flabby honch. And then there is society waiting to judge you. You’re tired of the daily fat-shaming or calling you out for being too skinny. So be it. Prove them wrong. But, remember, it is a long term goal. It will take months and years to reach there. So, start setting small goals. Maybe a 1 kg drop, an extra 500 metres of running, taking the stairs instead of the lift.

2) Solace- Reiterating the fact again- fitness isn’t physical. It is more of a mental exercise than just making your body undergo through a rigorous regime, day in and day out. If you’ve hit a low in life, try going for a run. It’ll be more of a walk on the first day, a bit faster on the second day. But that’s not the end of the story. You start realising that you’re able to do things even you didn’t know you could. This has a strong bearing on your self-actualisation.

3) Goals- Gal Gadot or Chris Hemsworth might act as a spur to get that beach body. But again, RATIONALITY is an important word here. It is extremely important to understand that this is their bread and butter. Actors and actresses undergo steroid cycles, followed by detox cycles, they give up salt and water in their diet to get that extra shred. No matter how clean you diet might be, you cannot grow beyond a certain limit. Rationality lies in accepting this fact and continuing to do where you started. Of course it is true that Greek-god level chiseled physiques are impossible to achieve naturally, it is possible to transform completely. So, just hang in there.

The fitness industry is ever-increasing, thanks to Western acculturation. There are no shortage of options. Zumba, crossfit, gym, yoga, gymnastics, sports, bodybuilding- completely your call. So, go out there and run, do push-ups, take the stairs, dance like crazy. Even the Supreme Court is bringing about change. Why would you hold back?

Go kick some ass!



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