Mooby Dooby Doo

Before I even start with this, I want every reader to know, that confidence is everything. Though this blog is about fitness, I will promote fitness at the cost of bodyshaming.

I’ve come across hundreds of people, out there, kicking ass, as confident as Bolt before a race.

So, gynecomastia. A complex looking scientific word, which translates to embarrassment for many boys and men out there. In layman language, man-boobs or simply-moobs. In this world which thrives on rants, somewhere deep down inside, every guy who is a victim of excess fat around the chest area, feels embarrassed. How do I know this? I have been a victim of this horrendous condition. Intense junk food craving, oily food, what not.

Gynecomastia and excess chest fat are two different things. While surgery is the only option in the first case, excess fat can be taken care of.

Gynocomastia causes the chest area to appear like breasts, but the nipple are both huge and firm. If you are of this kind, surgery might be the only way. Otherwise, if you have saggy nipples, it is a case of excess chest fat.

To begin with, gynecomastia is a result of hormonal imbalance in males. Excess oestrogen secretion can lead to fatty tissues under the pectorals, and puffy nipples as well.

In many cases, puberty results in moobs. On hitting puberty, the voice changes, facial hair and sadly, moobs. But, many a times, they disappear after a certain time.
But, people still encounter this problem way after puberty too.
The fastest way of getting rid of this is surgery.
But, if you’re looking to get rid of chest fat, let me run through some of the tips which will help you-

Excess body fat is the thing you should aim to kill. A good fat loss plan along with a healthy diet is the most common answer to this problem.
A good workout plan may be done at home, with exercises which primarily focus on the pectoral muscles.

I have come across many people who claim that they do not have junk food. But, their definition of junk food is food which is not made at home. Wrong. Sorry to burst your bubble, but if your homemade food is oily, starchy, then junk food and homemade food has no difference.

Avoid soya products at all costs. Soyabean oil, soya chunks, or any product derived from soyabean are oestrogen boosters. Na ka matlab Na hi hota hai.
In order to lose fat, avoid excess oil, sugar and maida at all costs, processed food.
Now, regarding the exercise part.
Most of the guys do not aim for a muscular physique and hence home workouts are a good option. There are many types of home workouts, but circuit training is the best for losing fat.
The best way to start your journey is by doing simple push ups. Start with push ups, and try to increase the number of push ups you can do per day. You may go as high as 200 push ups.  Once you cross the rookie barrier, you can try out advanced circuit training to burn chest fat.
For example, this is a good routine to fix chest fat-

Ballistic pushups- 10-15
Jump rope- 1 minute
Lateral Plank Walk- 30 seconds.
Mountain climbers- 40

Repeat this 5 times.
Those who are willing to join a gym, weight training along with cardio is a killer combo.
Some of the best exercises to burn chest fat are-
Incline Chest Press
Flat bench Press
Cable Crossovers
Dumbbell Flyes
Chest dips.

But, I have been in the same situation you maybe right now. To start with, control your cravings. Avoid oil( repeating this again), maida, sugar.
All those hours of training is futile if you what you put in your plate is oily, junk, or processed.
Lastly, why do I write about this? I can assure that getting rid of this can give you a confidence boost, no matter what.
Enjoy your life. Save all your cravings for one day a week.
Lastly, if you’re uncomfortable walking around with that fat, tight tank tops underneath your shirt/ t-shirt is the best option. Or you may opt for compression wear.
Good luck guys. Never run out of motivation. When there is a will, there is a way.male-breast-reduction-lose-moobs-quickly-and-effective


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