Meal Is the Deal

Throughout my entire journey in this world, I have come across many people and their fitness related queries. Mostly, people ask me ‘How to get into shape’.

Be it muscle building, be it fat burning, be it strength training, be it weight loss, these journeys emerge from the kitchen itself. There is is ongoing quote about fitness ‘Abs are made in the kitchen’. In short, what your plate consists of, decides how you look.

To start off with, let us assume for a moment that a person has one slice of pizza, and another, a big bowl of salad with chicken. Both might consume the same amount of calories, but the macronutrients which get in the body, are like Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau. 

To begin with, breakfast, according to me, is the most important meal of the day. This is because we have deprived the body of food for several hours when we were asleep. A good breakfast lays dowb the foundation for a good physique. 

For gym goers, the breakfast consists of Fibrous Carbohydrates like oats with milk, whole eggs, egg whites being the cheapest source of protein, and some fruits. 

People involved in sports largely depend on both protein and carbohydrates, and so their plate consists of butter toasts, some egg omlettes, and fruits.

For people who are looking to gain weight, lose weight, or build muscles, the first type of meal is suitable.

Modern research on food emphasises on the consumption of some small meal, every 2-3 hours, rather than 4 large meals throughout the day. This tricks the body into believing that it will get some sort of fuel every now and then, thus ensuring the rate of metabolism is running like a cheetah.

I would further suggest that people should have a small meal in between the breakfast and the lunch, consisting of dry fruits, some peanut butter(avoid if you want lose weight) and some nuts. This meals wholly consists of some good fats, along with some carbohydrates.

If people want to lose weight, you should incorporate complex carbohydrates like brown rice along with some pulses, some green vegetables, fish/chicken if you’re a non vegtarian, or rajma, paneer if you’re a vegetarian.

The meal after the lunch should be consisting of some sort of salad, along with dahi if possible.

A standard tiffin would be some complex carbohydrate such as brown bread, along with some cheese or peanut butter.

As a general rule, we should avoid having carbs after daylight bids a goodbye for the day. The simple explanation is that our activities drastically come down as the day progresses.

So, a standard dinner would be 2-3 rotis, pulses, some green veggies again, and some protein.

Summarising everything, a good diet is the key to a fitness journey. We can reach our goal of getting into shape in two ways. The first being the hard way, is when we have whatever we crave for, and burn it out with hours of cardio. The second way being easy, is where you eat clean, and do small sessions of cardio, and progress. The choice is upto the person. 

Next writeup about cardio coming soon.



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