Jawline. The facial feature that serves as an aesthetic standard for both men and women. In this generation, people have this allurement towards a sharp jawline. A chiseled jawline is like a prop which can boost your confidence. However, while people who are slim have it easily, people with a good amount of bulk have a tough time building a nice frame for that killer face.I’m going through some things you can do to achieve that rock-cut jawline-

  1. Reduce sodium intake- Foods high in salt make you retain extra fluid in your body, and your face as well. Keeping an eye on the salt intake can work wonders when it comes to achieving a chiseled jawline. A common example is Chinese food, which is high in MSG. You feel like your face has bloated up the next morning.
  2. Increase water intake- The more hydrated you are, the chances of your body, face retaining water reduces drastically. As simple as that.
  3. Chewing gums- Chewing gums are some sort of magical formula when it comes to tightening your cheekbones and the jawline.Chew gums regularly, but not so much that people around you think you are regurgitating cud.
  4. Weight loss- Before you start the above processes, let me tell you that the prominence of your facial features are directly proportional to your body fat percentage. So, it means.weight loss plan. This will be a tough journey, but let me tell you, my personal experience says that it is not impossible. Make small changes in your diet, and do some sort of cardio. The type is completely your choice. Some good examples are running, cycling, swimming, rowing, zumba, crossfit, weight training.Unless your body fat percentage is low, all that chewing gums will not help in any way.
  5. Exercises-There are many jawline tightening exercises which you can do daily.
    Then clench your teeth tightly and fill up the mouth with air. Then shift the air from one side of the mouth to another. This will put a stretch on the muscles of your jaw line.

    • You can do the third facial exercises jawline by sitting on a chair and tilting your head as far as possible. This will create a pull on the muscles of your neck lines and define your jaw line.
    • This exercise is geared to tone up the muscles of your neck. Start by splashing some water on the face. Then jut out your lower lip in such a way that wrinkles are created on the chin. Maintain this position for a few seconds then lower your chin to your chest. Also hold this position for a couple of seconds and then relax.
      • For the next exercise you need to sit or stand comfortably at a place. Then tilt your head back as far as possible. Then press the tongue on the roof of your mouth. Then keeping the tongue pressed on the roof bring down the chin. Maintain this position for a few seconds and then relax.
        • This facial exercises jawline is aimed at reducing the fat at the chin. Just like the previous exercise sit comfortably and then tilt your head back to look up. Make sure that your lips are closed and also that you are not pursing your lips. Then keeping your lips closed move your jaws to make a round shape. Maintain this position for a few seconds and then return to normal.

    My journey so far. Good luck people.


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