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"If a fitness journey is pizza, diet is the pineapple topping"

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Know Thy Body

Ever looked at that lanky kid in class who'd gobble up everyone's tiffin during recess and wondered "You lucky ass". Every felt like that unlucky, hopeless chap who'd gain weight, no matter how much you try?

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C for carbs, C for culprits

People often feel that having ‘fat’ makes you fat. Carbohydrates are the real culprits. Before we get into the perspicacity of carbs, let me tell you- the carbohydrates which the body is not able to burn. Now, carbohydrates can be... Continue Reading →

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Fitness and Rationality

Running through the first few pages hurriedly through the Times of India just to find an article by Jug Suraiya has become an addiction I've welcomed in 2018. The article don't shake hands  with you, they grab you by your... Continue Reading →

The discrimination we are blind to except during admission season

Meghna's Blog

In the age of Facebook activism, your wall may be adorned with posts where you scream your lungs out about why we need feminism; you may be shouting from behind your computer screen about how transphobia and homophobia are thwarting the progress of India. Our social media profiles are often a way of consciously constructing our identities and proclaiming our support to certain convictions.

In posing as liberals, we, the middle class English-speaking urban millennials of India, are sensitized to many an expression of social discrimination but there is one particular form of discrimination that seems to resurface only when we need to get admitted to an institution or course, more often a coveted one. In case you forgot about the existence of this kind of discrimination, let me remind you that I am about to address the elephant in the room, viz. caste.

It’s that time of the year…

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The time of the year when everyone is almost high on Yuletide frenzy. With that being said, it is also the time of the year when everyone secretly wishes for a magical powder which would burn all those cakes and... Continue Reading →

Mooby Dooby Doo

Before I even start with this, I want every reader to know, that confidence is everything. Though this blog is about fitness, I will promote fitness at the cost of bodyshaming. I've come across hundreds of people, out there, kicking... Continue Reading →

Love Handling

Love Handles. If two cute little words could inflict pain, here it is. Love Handles are the chunks of fat lying at the sides and the back of your waistline. How to know if you have it or not? Simple.... Continue Reading →

Meal Is the Deal

Throughout my entire journey in this world, I have come across many people and their fitness related queries. Mostly, people ask me 'How to get into shape'. Be it muscle building, be it fat burning, be it strength training, be... Continue Reading →


Jawline. The facial feature that serves as an aesthetic standard for both men and women. In this generation, people have this allurement towards a sharp jawline. A chiseled jawline is like a prop which can boost your confidence. However, while... Continue Reading →

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