“If a fitness journey is pizza, diet is the pineapple topping”

Know Thy Body

Ever looked at that lanky kid in class who’d gobble up everyone’s tiffin during recess and wondered “You lucky ass”. Every felt like that unlucky, hopeless chap who’d gain weight, no matter how much you try?

C for carbs, C for culprits

People often feel that having ‘fat’ makes you fat. Carbohydrates are the real culprits. Before we get into the perspicacity of carbs, let me tell you- the carbohydrates which the body is not able to burn. Now, carbohydrates can be divided into 3 categories. Simple carbohydrates  – The main source of fat under the bodies….

What runs the World? Status Anxiety

  As you sip your 300 rupees Starbucks Coffee, has it occurred to you that you are paying for something more than just caffeine? The quality? The ambiance? The brand? The answer is all of these. But there’s more to it. You are paying to affirm your presence among the upper middle class. At least, that…

Fitness and Rationality

Running through the first few pages hurriedly through the Times of India just to find an article by Jug Suraiya has become an addiction I’ve welcomed in 2018. The article don’t shake hands  with you, they grab you by your neck. Simple everyday stories which you can relate to. He wrote a very interesting article…

The discrimination we are blind to except during admission season

Originally posted on Meghna's Blog:
In the age of Facebook activism, your wall may be adorned with posts where you scream your lungs out about why we need feminism; you may be shouting from behind your computer screen about how transphobia and homophobia are thwarting the progress of India. Our social media profiles are often…